The wind of change blew at the Landheim. With Rüdiger Häusler and Matthias Bangert a new head of foundation and a new headmaster took over. As these and other news are not only interesting for us but maybe also for you, we decided to release an overview of the most important articles the regional press recently published. We hope you enjoy the reading.

Datum Zeitung Artikel Link
07/12/2018 Life PR Landheim Students become part of the SEA LIFE Munich Crew Read More
07/03/2018 Landsberger Tagblatt Switching the folk costume for the evening dress Read More
10/11/2017 Landsberger Tagblatt Fear was palpable Read More
09/20/2017 Ammerseekurier Democracy can be exhausting Read More
08/11/2017 Ammerseekurier Eleven students passed the Abitur with an A grade Read More
07/04/2017 Landsberger Tagblatt A special achievement Read More
05/2017 Kaukasische Post My queater at the Ammersee - an impossible dream coming true Read More
05/06/2017 Süddeutsche Zeitung Landheim Schondorf wins the "Business Game Bourse" Read More
03/23/2017 Die Zeit Learning with "Mind, Heart and Hand" Read More
03/20/2017 AWU-Journal New accents for old traditions Read More
03/10/2017 Ammerseekurier The Apokalypse is no dead-end Read More
03/02/2017 Augsburger Allgemeine Vernisage: Apokalypse and no way out Read More
02/14/2016 Ammerseekurier Germanys most rigid teacher Read More
12/20/2016 Augsburger Allgemeine Where school becomes a home Read More
12/07/2016 Landsberger Tagblatt A highlight before Christmas Read More
11/29/2016 Ammerseekurier Between the worlds - Denijen Pauljevic Read More
11/24/2016 Landsberger Tagblatt Beeing home in between two worlds - Denijen Pauljevic Read More
10/11/2016 Landsberger Tagblatt From Münster to Schondorf Read More
10/04/2016 Süddeutsche Zeitung The special things Read More
08/08/2016 Landsberger Tagblatt The wind of change Read More
08/05/2016 Ammerseekurier The new Full-day offer Read More
07/04/2016 Landsberger Tagblatt Thomas Anders visits the Landheim Read More