International Summer Camp

Activities in the Morning

The morning will be dedicated to four hours of practice-orientated German class with native speakers. Interactive, project-orientated and focused on improving your child`s oral language skills. At the beginning of our camp we will test each child´s language skills depending of their level of German to group them accordingly. A magazine, which has been written by the students themselves, displaying their experiences and language progresses at the end of the camp, will be brought to you by your child.

Activities in the Afternoon

Challenge yourself! Each week your child chooses two extracurricular activities from a wide range of options such as German drama, tennis on our own sand courts, watersports – sailing, kayaking, pedal boating, rowing and stand-up paddling, right by our private deck. Teamsports are also available. These include hockey, basketball and soccer. We also offer climbing, handcrafts and art. With our various activities your child will be able to develop creatively, further handiwork and teamwork skills, all whilst enjoying and spending time with new friends.

Weekend Activities

During the weekend we offer a variety of two-day excursions such as art, culture & modern Munich, a challenging summit tour with an overnight stay in Wettersteinmassiv as well as a sailing trip on the Lake Ammersee with an overnight stay on board. For the younger ones we offer: hiking through the Pähler Gorge, jumping off the Uttinger diving boards, bicycle tours and undertaking a high rope course. Alternatively , the weekend can also be spent in the school-owned hut at the lake Staffelsee.

Further information about our International Summer Camp will be made available to you by contacting Ms Maike Häusler.

The International Summer Camp 2024 will take place from 27 July - 10 August 2024. We are already looking forward to it!