Landheim Cuisine

Healthy eating is an integral part of a good education. A balanced diet is necessary, but doesn’t require sacrificing on taste or excluding the pleasure of a delicious meal.  Therefore, we seek to get students involved in planning a school menu that they can appreciate and enjoy. Once a month students have the opportunity to participate in the school’s dining committee, led by chef Frank Menzel and our director of domestic services, Erika Menzel. The dining committee selects culinary specialties and offers suggestions and constructive criticism to our kitchen team.  Cooking courses are also available and help students to recognize that preparing a healthy meal can be a lot of fun.

Meals are prepared freshly each day by our kitchen team. We prefer local, seasonal produce and ingredients from the region and seek to utilize organic products wherever possible. We avoid using taste enhancers and processed food and aim to cook fresh, delicious and nutritious foods.

Boarding students begin the day with a sumptuous breakfast buffet. Lunch is eaten by all students in the community dining hall. Students are divided into fixed table groups with one adult, who ensures that proper table etiquette is observed. School lunch is a good mixture of regional German and international cuisine. Additional dishes are on offer for vegetarian students. For dinner our kitchen staff again prepares a diverse buffet. If you have additional questions concerning dining and nutrition at the Landheim, please feel free to contact our school chef.

Landheim Cuisine

"I found new role models at Landheim - a key experience."

Dr. Axel Cronauer, Altlandheimer