Head of the Foundation

The head of the foundation represents the foundation internally and externally, and according to our bylaws, is the forward driving force of the entire foundation. Rüdiger Häusler serves as the head of foundation since August 2015. His deputy is Matthias Bangert.

Advisory Council

The advisory council is a parliamentary body (similar to the American PTA) consisting of parents, faculty members, an alumni representative and other friends of the Landheim. The council meets biannually in the presence of two members of the student council. Council privileges include electing members of the board of trustees and appointing the head of school and of the foundation.

Board of Trustees

The board of trustees advises and oversees the administration of the school and the foundation.  All fundamental educational and financial decisions remain under its jurisdiction. The head of school and of the foundation maintains close contact with the board. Members of the board include: Steffen Herfurth, Elisabeth Theisen, Sabine Janicki


"I found new role models at Landheim - a key experience."

Dr. Axel Cronauer, Altlandheimer