Friends & Donors

Our foundation is the recipient of limited financial grants from the state. However, such support is in no way sufficient to sustain the kind of high quality education we strive to offer. Friends and donors support us with their ideas and financial means so that we can realize the goals delineated in our 1929 charter.

Our non-profit foundation, with its two schools, relies principally on tuition and boarding fees, in addition to state grants, to remain solvent. In order to raise and sustain the quality of the education we offer, we depend upon your generous support. Every piece of advice and every donation, no matter how modest, contribute meaningfully to achieving this goal. As a result of the generosity of alumni, parents, Landheim friends and donors, our non-profit organization is currently in a position to offer scholarships to approximately twenty percent of our students each year. You are welcome to contact us and find out more about how you can help.  Discover the existing projects that need your support and feel free to share your ideas on how you can further our educational aims.

"I found new role models at Landheim - a key experience."

Dr. Axel Cronauer, Altlandheimer