23.09.2018 | Astrid Wiener

The Landheim takes part in a study by the Harvard University

The Landheim is invited to take part in a study hosted by the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

The head of the study is Prof. Dr. Howard Gardner, who is known for his diverse publications on the topic of "multiple inteligence", building a front against the onesided focus on intelligence quotients within schools and employment. 

This specific study is investigating the students experiences in selected schools with a special focus on the influence of a strong mission statement, as given at the Landheim, on the communication of values. Goal of the study is to gather results on the interrelation between this specific form of education and the intellectual, ethical, and civic/global attitudes and behaviors of the participating students. 

The participants have to be in year 11 and will be asked to answer four surveys during the time they spend at the school until the A-Levels. It is possible that the research team may wish to conduct a follow-up interview with a student after the surveys have been distributed.

Students that meet the requirements will be contacted shortly.