Elementary School Boarding

The children are accommodated in a separate boarding house with their dorm mother, usually in double rooms. A trusted and familiar member of the residential staff is present day and night, always available to discuss the experiences of the school day with the children.

The Landheim provides not only accommodation for primary school students, but also encouragement for them to develop their talents. After lessons at the local primary school in Schondorf, students complete their homework together with a member of the Landheim’s educational staff. Supplemental lessons are offered to prepare the students for the challenging transition to secondary school. Students use the rest of the afternoon for the pottery and gardening workshops, learning a musical instrument, or athletic activities, such as horseback riding or indoor climbing.

Despite these busy afternoons, our primary students don’t miss out on the chance to play with their friends and to enjoy their free time outdoors. Nature, movement and creativity in the security of our idyllic surroundings provide your child with the best possible preconditions for a successful and happy early school life- the ideal preparation for secondary education in the years ahead.

"Finding my footing within society, taking over responsibilities, finding friends for life - all this and more I owe to my wonderful years at Landheim Schondorf."

Sascha Mennel, Alumnus