Partner Schools

Tamagawa K-12 & University in Japan
This school offers its students primary, secondary and higher education tracks.  The school’s educational aims are based on the principals of Zenjin education. This includes a holistic education in the English language, social skills, mental strength, health and fitness in addition to an excellent academic program.

World Foreign Language School in Shanghai
The WFLMS is one of the most highly renowned schools in Shanghai. In this school foreign language education remains the foremost pedagogical aim.  This is accomplished not only in theoretical lessons, but also through intercultural communication and regular student exchanges with partner schools abroad.  Each year more than one hundred students have the opportunity to host visitors from abroad, such as students, foreign diplomats or international journalists. Participating in an international exchange is a graduation requirement at WFLMS.

Nehemiah Foundation in Albania
Landheim students and teachers also have the unique opportunity to spend several months on an exchange with our partner school in Albania, the Nehemiah Foundation.

"Look over the fence"
"Look over the fence" is a network of reform educational schools which has existed since 1989. The aim is, through regular “peer review" and a direct exchange of experiences through conferences and recruiting additional schools, to learn from, stimulate, encourage,and support each other.

Die Internate Vereinigung (boarding schools association)
The boarding schools association consists of fifteen prestigious boarding schools in Germany and Switzerland. The schools of the association are demanding boarding schools with special educational character in a unique geographical location. The goal of the organization is not only to embody an innovative boarding school pedagogy but also to develop the pedagogy conceptually.

"I found new role models at Landheim - a key experience."

Dr. Axel Cronauer, Altlandheimer